Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Rain, Rain...Come Again

Come on coach....put me in. It can't hurt.

The active October weather continues. Frost warnings in the central valley of California...snow in the Rockies....moving out into the Great Plains. And, of course, more rain headed for us. And it will be heavy rain. I already recorded over eight inches of rain so far this month. I'll check our average for the next post.

You know that Mt Washington is one of my favorite places...hard weather. Here are some great pictures from the Accuweather Mt Washington blog. Let me know how the rain is in your area.


Claire said...

well...i've survived swine '09...let's see if i survive this great a matter of an hour!!!

Kelly said...

Hmmm.. just noticed this post. For some reason your last two have NOT appeared in my dashboard as new entries....