Thursday, October 8, 2009

Heavy Rain

A very wet and stormy pattern setting up for the next day or two. Not only are severe thunderstorms possible, but also very heavy rain. Central Arkansas could get two or three inches while the northwest could see up to six inches in some areas. Cooler weather is expected for the weekend. You knew it would rain tomorrow since it is the opening day of the state fair. I quit going many years ago.

I've had a total of 2.12 inches so far this month. I'll try to over the weekend.


Pam said...

We're looking to be slammed sometime after about 10 pm into rush hour tomorrow. Might be really nasty as I'm driving to school.

HOWEVER, after a nasty nearly 90 degree day we're in for a really great cool weekend, starting with a high og 62 or 63 tomorrow. Supposed to be clearing out around noon.

REALLY ugly before that happens.

I'll take the cool weather!!

Claire said...

our sirens went off. only the second time i've heard them in fayetteville.

stupid storms. ruining all my fun.

Kelly said...

Yep, it's headed my way right now. Just saw that we're also under tornado watch.

I don't have the exact figure, but I know we've gotten at least 6.6" so far this month (and that was just for two days).

So much for our bean crop, and possibly the rice.

The cooler temps tomorrow will beat the warm, muggy weather of yesterday and today.