Thursday, October 15, 2009

No more rain

The rainbow signals the end of the rain. We need to dry out....especially south Arkansas. At the halfway mark for October we have had 6.27 inches at Mike's Weather World. We actually saw the sun late today and it's getting cooler. Saturday night will be the first opportunity this year to burn a fire. Out lows will hit the upper 30s. North Arkansas will probably see their first freeze of the season. And, the trees are just beginning to change. I love Fall.


Pam said...

We saw the sun again this afternoon, too! Almost blinding after WEEKS of feeling like we lived in either Seattle or London!!

Chilly tonight and tomorrow night.

More clouds and chances of rain mid-week.... at least a few days to dry out.

Kelly said...

I know my raingauge isn't "official", but we've had 15.4" of rain in October. Plus we had over 20" in September.

It's cool and pleasant today...with bursts of SUNSHINE!!!