Thursday, October 22, 2009

Global Hoax

I love it! Haven't I always said Global Warming is a left-wing conspiracy created by Al Gore so Al Gore and his cronies can make money. Check this link out....I saw the story on NBC Nightly News. Yes, we are undergoing climate change....we always have and always will.

Rain, Rain, Rain,and more Rain! It started here around 3:00 this morning and has just stopped as a front moves thru. We have had right at 2.50 inches. Waaaaay above normal for the year.


Pam said...

Yep, we're growing gills and our feet are becoming webbed over here.

Nice, cool 54 here right now. Love the cooler weather. Due to have lots of wind tomorrow.

I'll check out the link...

Kelly said...

We saw that on the news, too. I had to laugh.

I emptied 2.2" from the rain gauge this morning (inaccurate, I'm sure)