Saturday, October 18, 2008

Cooler Weather

You sometimes forget just how boring the weather in October can be. We have had a lot of dry and pleasant weather. It was too hot early in the week with mid 80's, but a front brought us 3/4 of an inch of rain and cooler temps. Friday morning actually hit 44 at my house. There's no mention of rain until later in the week, and even then it's only a slight chance.

The photo of the Empire State Building was take from the entrance to Macy's at Harold Square.


Kelly said...

It's really starting to feel like fall!

Weasley looks cute in his AR jersey!

Pam said...

Your Empire State Building view makes me jealous and nostalgic. *Sigh*

Much cooler weather here, too. I think it was Wed. that it rained and the high was like 66. We were all lovin' it at school. It didn't rain all day and we got to take the kids for a walk around the building and it felt awesome!

Got a tad hot for me today, but, cooling off now. Should slide back out of the 80s again mid week and back into the 70s.

I want the REAL thing! Cold and SNOW!!!!

Weasman is too cute in his football sweater! A real gridiron pupster!