Monday, October 27, 2008

First Freeze ?

The colorful maple tree at the top of this blog was actually taken three years ago. This picture was taken over the weekend. It just goes to show what a couple of tropical storms can do to a tree. We've had enough rain to make for a colorful fall, but all the strong winds from the late summer tropical storms ripped off a good portion of the leaves. Colors should peak in central Arkansas this weekend or next week.

Let's talk temperatures. Freeze warnings are out for much of the area for tonight. Little Rock should see about 32 - at least at my house in the western part of the city. El Dorado should also see 32. Even Pam will probably see near freezing. Victoria will get to the upper 20's and Claire and John will drop to the mid-20's.


Pam said...

We're under a freeze warning here. I think I'm only due to get to mid-thirties, tho'.

We shall see. Was a lot colder here during the day than was projected. When I was driving home from school it was only in the 50s.

Bring it on!

Claire said...

It's fricken freezingggg here! the wind was AWFUL today!

Kelly said...

Well...I know we got to 31 overnight. Brrrr!!!

Claire, if you think YOUR wind is bad, you should try being where Victoria is. She could erect a windturbine and supply her own electricity all year long!

Pam said...

Didn't freeze here and now it's going to warm back into the 80s over the next few days.

That sucks!