Monday, October 20, 2008

Typical Fall

Boring weather.....slightly cooler......but still boring. Chance of rain later in the week.

Go to the NWS site and click on where you usually do to get your local forecast and notice that they have installed a new map in the detailed point forecast.


Claire said...

Weasley was protecting that giantic bone of his...i tried to pick it up and he put his paw on it and growled at me!

Pam said...

Your tree is gorgeous! Wease looks a bit bored.

Hot as Hell here this afternoon! Hoping for the cold front to bring much cooler weather about Wed.

Yeah, we need rain, but *I* need COLD!

Kelly said...

I don't mind boring. The touch of cool is already making me dread the cold. It just makes me physically ill!

I was just noticing that new point/click map this morning! (not that my actual area will be much different from the reporting station at the airport)

I always enjoy Weasley's pictures!