Saturday, October 25, 2008

Dry and Very Cool

This Accuweather Map shows the progression of more very cool air over the next few days. It appears we will get the coldest temps overnight Monday. Here and El Dorado could see 34 Tuesday morning. Fayetteville will see the mid-20's and Plano should reach the high 30's. It will remain very dry with no precipitation expected for the next week.
Speaking of Accuweather.... they are a supporter of the Mt Washington Observatory. Here is link to the Mt Washington Blog found on the Accuweather site. I have actually been to the observatory, driving to the top of the mountain back in 1980's.


Pam said...

"Very cool" is a step in the right direction! The cooler the better.

As for the dry, well, we need to step up the moisture when "cool" steps up to "cold"!

Claire said...

mid twenties?!?! that's not "cool"...that's COLD. But I'm ready for it! :)

Kelly said...

Heck, 40s and 50s feel cold to me!