Sunday, March 1, 2009

It wasn't much....but it was snow

We ended up with about a half inch of snow....and by this morning, despite being 25 degrees, much of it has evaporated. The daffodils would have looked more interesting growing out a a couple of inches of snow.

Northeast Arkansas picked up the most snow with a foot in parts of Mississippi County. The Memphis area also received several inches. One town in western Tennessee actually saw 18 inches. This maybe out last hurrah for snow this year. Now it's on to Spring and tornadoes.

On another sad note,,,,we've lost one of the greatest broadcasters of all time. Paul Harvey died at the age of 90. My father knew him well way back in the 1950's. He would occasionally travel to affiliate radio stations and do his broadcast from their studios. He did that at least twice from our family radio station KELD in El Dorado. He did a segment of his show talking about various residents of El Dorado which included a short comment on my father who was elected mayor of the town on a platform of running the city like a business. Fortunately I have the tape of that segment. I would post that clip if I knew how to. Maybe Kelly will let me know by email or something.


Pam said...

Boo! Hiss! Bully for you and your meager half-inch of snow! I had zero this year!

Does look pretty, tho'. I have to grudgingly admit that.

As for Paul Harvey...that was sad. I saw that last night and starting thinking about the time I met him when he came to our house. I remember standing there in the breakfast room talking to him or listening to him and someone else in the family talking.

As for the clip. I still have mine, too. I would guess that you would need to transfer it to a CD, then put it on your computer and go from there.

Kelly said...

Yay for your dusting of snow! Nothing here, but it sure got cold! (upper 20s) Then again, any snow here would have looked pitiful compared to what I saw last weekend.

I was sad to see that about Paul Harvey in my paper this morning. I have a photo of him with our father. Maybe I'll scan it and post it later (and steal your commentary here).