Friday, March 27, 2009

Hail Yes!!!

Check out these stones! Thanks to Victoria in Sherman, TX who picked up these huge hail stones about 20 minutes after then fell. Some melting had occurred, but it looks like they were close to baseball size. A few dents in the car, I'm sure. And she may see a dusting of snow by tomorrow morning.

No snow in Little Rock, but northwest Arkansas may see an inch or two. We will be near freezing Saturday night....great for that last hurrah in the fireplace.

South Arkansas may still see some severe weather this evening. Send me snow pictures if you get any.


Pam said...

LOL!!! She's got stones!! Hail yeah!!! BIG ones, at that!!

Yep, that size can do some damage. I know the horrifying sound of tiny hail stones. I can only imagine how terrifying these would sound!!!

No snow here, either. However, about 4 PM the wind shifted, picked up, rain came and the 60s turned south and took off!!!! Feels VERY cold with that wind!!

Kelly said...

We're between thunderstorms at the moment. I think the more severe ones are still yet to come. Just hope it waits until after the dogs have gone out for the final time.
I'll agree... Those are whopper hailstones!!

Anonymous said...

They were quite loud on the roof of the building!!! Lots of idiots out running around in it, too. And here I thought I went to school with some smart folks. Roommate said we did get a little snow early on saturday morning (she saw flakes and a light dusting on the roof), but I never saw any. Then again I may not have been awake early enough. It sure was cold. It was fun while it lasted though!