Thursday, March 12, 2009

Return to Winter

Surprise, surprise, surprise......80 degrees earlier in the week and this morning 32 degrees and light freezing rain and even some sleet. All in all it wasn't much of an event, but it was fascinating to see how the slightest change in elevation resulted in various amounts of ice. These photos are of Shinall Mountain in west Little Rock. These pictures were taken across the street from the Walmart on Chenal Parkway looking south at about 350 feet above sea level. Ice formed at about 600 feet. The higher the elevation the more the accumulation. The top of Shinall Mountain is at about 1000 feet at the location of the TV antennas. Spring promises to return soon.


Pam said...

Whoa!!! How bizzare it that???!!! Love the photos!!

Like I told you, just down the tollway from me they had some snow showers. OF COURSE, *I* got nothing but bone-chilling rain!!

More due tonight and tomorrow.

Then, by Mon. it's back into the 70s.

Too crazy, this weather!

Snow boots today, flip flops tomorrow...

Kelly said...

If it's gonna be rainy, at least make it warm rain.