Sunday, March 22, 2009

Spring arrived last week

Spring officially rolled in Friday morning, but we are lacking those warm, sunny Spring days. Thursday was cloudy with light rain almost all day...Friday was nice and sunny, but a little on the cool side. Saturday surprised us again with light rain most of the day....and this morning I awoke to more clouds. It looks like we will see a little more rain and thunderstorm activity in the week ahead with 60's and 40's later in the week.

And don't forget....Czar "John The Sarcastic" is having a birthday today!

I will also do my best to take some Spring photos this week.


Kelly said...

Boo hiss on the upcoming rain!!!

I'll send the Czar an e-card. (if I have his correct address...I'm assuming the gmail)

Pam said...

Happy bday to the Czar! My son's is the 28th....and...coming soon:

ta da!!! Medicare's newest recipient! :)

God, I'm a fossil.....

Everything is greening up around here and I'm getting spring fever. Time to do that kind of spring stuff around here. Actually did some spring cleaning out this week during spring break.