Sunday, March 8, 2009

Spring...then more Winter

This is what it looked like last year in early March when we had a couple of inches of wet snow. This season was the lightest snowfall in several years. I guess it's GLOBAL WARMING ..... I did NOT just write that! Yes, it is getting warmer...but we did not cause it.

We've had Spring-like weather the past few days, but another change is coming. Rain and thunderstorms are possible the first part of the week and then more cold weather. In fact North Arkansas could see some snow flakes Wednesday night and Thursday. I've been rather busy the past few weeks and have not done my best job of making this site interesting. We are getting into peak tornado season. I always enjoy the Weather Channel's Storm Stories. Later this month episode 3 will feature the January 2008 outbreak in several states, including Arkansas.

Spring Break begins for some on Friday. Heed the State Department warnings about travel to Mexico.


Kelly said...

Warm here now, too... but I did notice that we're due some 40s for our highs later in the week (after the rain).

Tell, Weasley my finely tuned body clock wasn't ready for DST, either.

Pam said...

We're running around in shorts here the past few days and will be the next few days.... until Wed. when we dip back into what passed for winter here again.

Crazy year.

I actually got to sleep in longer this morning so I don't feel the slap of DST. At least, not yet.

Since I work tomorrow I'm sure that's when it will kick in. Waking at 5 will be like waking at 4 AM. *Sigh*

Ah yes, Spring Break launches for us NEXT week!