Wednesday, March 25, 2009

No Doubt about Redoubt

Alaska's Mount Redoubt finally erupted this week. The color code has now been lowered from Red to Orange. You've probably seen this link before, but here is the AVO website. Another great volcano site is the Oregon State Univ site that currently has photos of a huge underwater eruption.

As for local weather.... we've had a lot of cloudy skies and some rain. More is in the forecast and believe it or not Northwest Arkansas may see some snow late Friday night.


Pam said...

I heard something about a possible freeze in North Texas earlier this evening. Not here, I'm sure.

Lots of good rain here today. The amount of greening and growth outside is amazing with just one good day of soaking rain!!!

Cooler but due to climb back into the 70s tomorrow. Up and down the rest of the week.

Love the Redoubt story! I'll check out the web sites!

Pam said...

Just watched the local news. The Texas Panhandle is under a blizzard warning! How crazy is that???

We're due to get sharply dropping temps.

No blizzard here....*sigh* How cool would that be?

Claire said...

the last time i checked, there's a 90% chance of snow on saturday with a high of 39....and i have a golf tournament!

Kelly said...

I didn't know you still played golf, Claire. Something for AOII?

The rain here has been tolerable (meaning that it hasn't been so "socked in" that I hated to turn my water-loving pups out in it) so far. Due to get lots more through Friday night. Temps in the upper 30s here for Saturday night!