Monday, August 25, 2008

Another Tropical System

Just as we rid ourselves of Fay ... here comes another storm that might ultimately head into the Gulf of Mexico.
Fay finally got close enough yesterday to give us a couple of showers in that counter-clockwise tropical rotation. Rainfall was very light. As we dry out for the next several days expect temperatures to rise into at least the mid-90's. I'm still not complaining. Now that football season is upon us we need to start seeing some cooler conditions.
Note on my favorite links that I have added the USGS earthquate information site. It is THE place to go for recent earthquate information. Quakes within the past hour show up in red.
Back to is a link to the latest forcast from Accuweather.


Kelly said...

No rain to speak of from Fay, but we did have quite a bit of wind.

Pam said...

Hot and dry here again. Getting hotter.

Say, I heard that the winter is due to be much colder.

Could it be? ......I'm going to start having snow dreams...*sigh*