Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Big Easy is getting Uneasy

It's still a little early...but right now this storm is looking pretty good. Maybe another punishing blow to New Orleans. On this course Kelly and I might see some rain, but I'm not sure about Pam.
Take a look at this link showing all the activity brewing. Quite impressive. As you know, I love extreme weather. Keep your fingers crossed for an extreme winter.
College football starts this weekend. It just seems too hot for football. I like to think of football being played on a crisp, cool fall afternoon. That will just have to wait.


Kelly said...

I was just corresponding with an acquaintance in New Orleans today. I sure hope for their sake it doesn't hit NO! For that matter, I don't want rain here, either! We still have crops to get in.

Let's hold the extreme weather until winter.

Pam said...

crisp, cool fall afternoon is definitely NOT in the offing anytime soon, I'm afraid!

I'm ready and waiting for an extreme winter around here!! Go Snow!!

Yep, not looking good for the Gulf next week. I hate to wish this thing on anyone, but I hope that it will make landfall anywhere BUT the Big Uneasy!

Yeah, figures I'll get no rain out of it.