Saturday, August 2, 2008

Somewhere over the Rainbow

Thanks to my sister Pam for this rainbow in Plano the other day. No rainbows here today. Nothing but hot hot hot! I had a high at my house of 101.5. Little Rock National hit 105 before a late afternoon storm in the area cooled it off a little. The airport is about 15 miles east of me. The official reading for Little Rock comes from the NWS office at the North Little Rock airport where they reached 103 for the second consecutive day.

Looks like Pam is still reaching the 100s every day. Kelly, it looks like after reaching 106 at your airport it cooled off with thunderstorms in the area. I hope you got something.

It may be even hotter tomorrow and Monday. Stay cool!


Pam said...

How fun!! You used my rainbow photo! It was better in person.

Yep, triple-digit heat keeps on truckin' around these parts. Kelly got the HOT prize today! You weren't far behind. I lagged in the triple-digit rear...

Tomorrow could have me in the lead..

Looks like August is gonna sizzle!

Kelly said...

Hmmm.. last time I looked yesterday it was only 104. I didn't realize it got up to 106.

We had lots of thunder, but no rain.