Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Bite Me Al Gore

Check out the path of Fay. She's gonna come back and get us!

Light rain today...about .15 inches. We do have an 80% chance tonight and tomorrow. Right now it looks to be south of Little Rock.

As for Al Gore....where is all that Global Warming. I'll bet this turns out to be one of the coolest Augusts in years. Don't know about you....but I'm lovin' it!


Kelly said...

Nothing light about OUR rain today. Almost 5" last time I looked and more coming!

Hey...I thought you always told me we couldn't get anything out of a Florida hurricane!

See you tomorrow!

Pam said...

If you eat at Pei Wei have a lettuce wrap for moi!

Rain here, and I'm lovin' it, too. Could use some more and it's possible for the next day or 2.

Our lovely fallish temps are heading upward for the weekend. Still beats all the 106 or so we had until the rain dance worked!