Thursday, August 7, 2008

Better Weather for August

We did manage to get just a little rain this morning...about .2 of an inch. The sun didn't come out until late afternoon and that kept temps down. High today was just 84. The next several days promise a 30 to 40 percent change of precip with lows in the upper 60s and highs in the upper 80s.
I hope the weather is cooler where you are.
One other note....remember that the Olympics start tomorrow - 08/08/08 and here is the forcast for Bejing.
And, it still looks like I can't make space between paragraphs. What a piece of shit this site is.


Kelly said...

Still no measurable rain for us. (we were out of town yesterday, but I don't think we got any) I believe I heard them say on our news last night that this was the dryest July on record for our county!

They're showing rain for Sunday. Hopefully we'll get some! (considering they were showing it for today and now that's just a 20% chance)

Kelly said...

ooops. that should have been "driest"! (I knew that "y" didn't look right!)

Pam said...

Well...we're still sizzling here. No rain (maybe 2 drops this morning, literally). 102 yesterday. 91 at the moment.

Since we're doing Six-Flags on Tues, I expect a real scorcher!! Ack!

I'm doing a rain dance. Well, I thought about doing a rain dance. Too damn hot!