Thursday, August 21, 2008

OK Fay ... Whatch ya gona do?

Fay has become a real bitch of tropical storm...dumping lots and lots of rain over all of Florida. Notice the slow track is still headed for us. However, there is a pretty good chance she will veer more to the north and east as we get into next week. She still might give us chance of some additional rain.

Here we had a 2-day total of right at 3.00 thru this morning. Late this afternoon we picked up another quarter inch. No complaints about the relatively cooler weather this month.


Pam said...

80s here work for me! My rain gauge says almost 4". We really needed it!

Could get some more, off and on (small chance) through the weekend, maybe into next week.

I won't turn it down!

Kelly said...

Our two-day total (at our house, don't know the official at the airport) was 5.2".

Still a 50% the next two days with a smaller chance into the next week. Guess it all depends on Fay.

Cute new picture of Weasley!

Pam said...

Of course, we're back in the 90s with MEGA humidity today!