Monday, January 19, 2009

Ball Lightning

This is thought to be photo of the phenomenon know as ball lightning. I was reading about it the other day in the Extreme Weather book Claire gave me for Christmas. Then I started remembering that someone we all know allegedly witnessed ball lightning as a child. No one believed her....but I do. She will comment herself. Here is a link to more on ball lightning.

Our weather has been on the usual roller coaster. After two straight days of below freezing temperatures things warmed nicely on Sunday. Today has be much cooler and windy. Still very dry. Relative humidity earlier today was only 17%. Better run the humidifier.


Pam said...

That would be our dear sister. :)

Speaking of lightening, I remember sitting on the floor of Ose's bedroom in the Big House when lightening hit the chimney and bricks fell into the room.

Perhaps that's the root of my fear of storms... Perhaps not.

Cool here today and tomorrow, then into the 70s before going back down on the weekend.

This winter sucks. Boo Hiss!

Claire said...

Where's your main photo up top from?

Kelly said...

Yes!! I saw ball lightning and I'm glad you believe me!

Very cold here this morning (20s) and due to get colder tonight.