Sunday, January 4, 2009

Cold Cold Rain

The winter roller coaster continues. Following a New Year's morning low of 23 we slowly warmed up topping out with a record 77 degrees Saturday afternoon. When I woke up at 6:30 this morning it was 64...the high for the day. Temps were in the low 40s by early afternoon with a low forecast of 33 tonight. Rain tomorrow will really feel cold with a high of only 38. Luckily no ice for us. I do see that Pam may see some freezing rain first thing in the morning, but I doubt it amounts to much. More seasonable weather is expected later in the week.


Pam said...

Yeah, we went from mid-eighties to low thirties in a few hours!! Sheesh!

We are under a winter weather advisory for the freezing rain. I also doubt it will amount to much.

Since school doesn't start back here until Tues. prob. I won't be out and about anyway.

It's almost getting from going season to season in less than 24 hours to climate to climate! LOL!

Whiplash continues...

Kelly said...

The drastic swings really have been something.

Global warming.