Friday, January 30, 2009


Above is a volcano in Alaska...Below is NOT a volcano in Arkansas

I'm getting excited!!!! We may have an Alaskan eruption soon. Mt Redoubt southwest of Anchorage has come to life and an eruption could come in the next few days or weeks. Here's a link to the USGS Volcano site. You can click in for more details on several volcanoes.

There's another site thru the NWS in Anchorage. I still remember the 1980 eruption of Mount St Helen's. Hopefully there will be good images from this mountain if it erupts during daylight.

As for weather.....we are in a temporary warm up for a couple of days....then a cold rain Monday.


Kelly said...

Glad you alerted me about the potential eruption. I also remember all the excitement of the Mount St. Helen's eruption. Hopefully there won't be any foolhardy people involved with this one.

Pam said...

I heard something on the news, yesterday, I think, about the impending eruption.

They were saying something about how the planes and/or people in planes that fly over the area could be harmed by the ash or air or something....

Warming up here too. Bah! Oh well, I've given up on snow for this year. I was cheated.