Saturday, January 3, 2009

Back to normal

As we enter the new year there's not a lot to talk about. Christmas decorations are put away, Wii's and iPhones are all still working, The BCS sucks and so far the best bowl game was last night's win by the Utes.

At least 2008 is behind us. The economy is in the tank. This maybe the worst it's been since the great depression. A couple of new songs for 2009 just to remind us of the 1930's......This Land is the Government's Land ...... and Brother can you spare a Credit Default Swap.

As for the was a busy year in Arkansas. Here is a link to the NWS review of 2008.
2009 started off on a chilly note with a low of 23...but it's been warming up since then and is now in the 60s with the prospect of some rain in the next few days. It will be cooler next week, but not cold enough for ice or snow. Looks like we will see seasonable 50s and 30s for the next week or two.


Kelly said...

Warm and muggy here today! Seventy-something.

Pam said...

Almost 80 here. Nasty! I hate it.

Chance of freezing rain early Mon. morning.... I'm getting whiplash going from one season to another daily.