Thursday, January 29, 2009

Big Ice Storm

Not the best picture....but maybe one of my kids will email better shots once they get power back on in Fayetteville. Terrible storm in the northern part of the state...but luckily we dodged the bullet in Little Rock. We had just a small amount of ice and the streets stayed in pretty good shape. It was cold...we were mostly below freezing for several days.

Changing the subject....remember that next Tuesday marks a significant anniversary. Here's a link to the Surf Ballroom.


Kelly said...

Thank goodness we missed all of it! (just a mere .6" of rain)

The day the music died??

Pam said...

We didn't miss the ice. Kids got out early on Tues., ( don't know why) then schools were closed on Wed. due to extreme ice over.

I had to go to CareNow ( sick ) when the temp got close enough to being above freezing that the streets were passable.

Freezing fog on Thurs. morning. That was kinda cool.

"Bye, Bye Miss American Pie....drove my Chevy to the Levy..........."