Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Cold, cold, cold

The coldest weather of the season is moving into the mid-south. By Friday morning look for lows in the low 20s in north Texas, upper teens in south Arkansas, low to mid teens in central Arkansas, and single digits in the northern part of the state. I would not be surprised to see one of the traditionally cold valley locations reach zero. No snow....continued very dry.
This link to the Plymouth State College weather site has a great map that shows plotted temperatues for the US and North America. Go to this link and scroll down the left side to plotted temp map.


Pam said...

Pretty frigid teaching today at PE! Won't be much better tomorrow. NOT that I mind the cold one bit!! I'm lovin' it!!

Saw an interesting commentary tonight on CNN ( Lou Dobbs ) about how we're more apt to be heading into an ice age ( pretty far away! LOL ) than global warming. Something about the sun spots.

Also loved the fact that our climate is driven by the Sun, not anything man does.

Conservation and efforts to reduce our global footprints are good ideas. HOWEVER, to think anything we do or don't do is going to seriously affect the earth's climate is silly and presumptuous!

I tend to agree. Besides, China, et al, are doing MUCH more polluting than we do and they don't intend to stop. All we'll accomplish by the emphasis on so-called-green technology is weaken our economy more and lower our standard of living.

Kelly said...

Cold is right! It's already in the 20s right now. No one wants to go out for long once the sun goes down (dogs, that is...).


(and I agree with your commentary, Pam)