Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Still Hot

Maybe we will see this tomorrow. There's a 40% chance of thunderstorms with a high of 93. It reached 100 again today as it did yesterday and the day before. Time for another edition of sibling and children's weather for Thursday:
Fayetteville 91 20% Thunderstorms
El Dorado 96 20% Thunderstorms Heat Index 107
Fairhope 88 60% Thunderstorms
Plano 98 30% Thunderstorms
Worse Weather: Too Hot Baghdad 107 Sunny
Death Valley 120 Sunny
Too Cold Resolute, Nunavut 46 Sunny
Vostok, Antarctica -81 Cloudy/Snow
Just Right Sydney 70 Partly Cloudy


Pam said...

So far I'm holding at 98 with clouds today. Earlier there was a brief..hmmmm...can't call it a shower. How about a brief cloud-spit?

Looking darker to the West and North West... could get some more, but I see the usual 'hole' in the line that ends up passing over Plano. *Sigh*

Pam said...

Doing a happy rain dance! Just had a thunderstorm pass through with lots of REAL rain!!!

Only lasted about 20 min, but it was heavy rain! Yeehaw!

Kelly said...

Last I looked, we had a 40% chance for today (Thursday). It's all blue sky out there right now, though.

We've been at 100 or better for the past 5 or 6 days.

Bob said...

We had some major rain this week here in Nashville. Glad to see it and it cooled things down a bit. But the weekend looks to be stifling. I'm with the dog in front of the fan.