Sunday, November 30, 2008

Snow Update

Thanks to John for this mid-afternoon update from Fayetteville where light snow and sleet fell most of the day giving them just a dusting. Also at mid-afternoon Claire reported it was snowing pretty good and sticking on the ground north of the tunnel. Less snow down in Fayetteville. As for Little Rock, maybe a little more snow and rain mixed before midnight.


Pam said...

Bully for you! ahahah Cold and windy here, as in gale force wind!!

Can't believe it's due to be 75 on Tues!!!!!!!

This winter sucks so far. :(

I collect snowmen and I'm giving them all glares and pep talks when I pass by...

Claire said...


It was still on the ground while i was walking back to the house at 11:30, but when i headed off to my was all gone!!

It snowed for like, 20 minutes this morning too during my 9:30.

Last night it got kinda heavy at times, stuck to the cars and grass and stuff.

reported today that there were 40! wrecks on 540 last night...!

IT'S FREEZING IN FAY! Supposed to get in the upper 50's tomorrow though...