Saturday, November 8, 2008

Brief Update

Fall weather has definately arrived in the form of a bright and blustery day. Winds have been out of the northwest at up to 20 miles per hour and coupled with temperatures in the mid 50's it has felt darn right chilly.

Tonight should be a cold one. Little Rock is forecast to officially fall to 34, but I look for 32 here in Chenal Valley. Fayetteville will see 27 and El Dorado the mid 30's. Pam should even drop to the low 40's.

Monday brings change with rain and thundershowers moving in to the area. It will remain mostly cloudy and cool thru mid-week with chances of rain.

Hurricane Paloma continues to pound Cuba...and more snow is coming to the Rockies. No picture changes today since I'm posting from my laptop. I don't have very many pictures stored in this machine.

One final note today....Laura got me watching Storm Chasers on the Discovery Channel. It airs Sunday nights at 9:00. Comcast on demand has some of last season's episodes.


Kelly said...

Yep, rain and cooler temps the first part of the week. I would like it to be cool on Thursday, but please, no rain that day!

Pam said...

We're due to have rain and cooler weather the next few days.

I'm still waiting on my projected "colder" winter... *Sigh*