Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Sun Sets on Martian Lander

It looks like the end of the Phoenix Mars mission. The spacecraft has now been declared dead. All in all it was still a fantastic mission.
Rain fell here overnight with a total of just over half and inch. We had a few sprinkles during the day. I must say it looked and felt like Fall. I'm still waiting for colder weather. If you take a look at Accuweather you can see some colder temps forecast for the latter half of the week. Even Pam might have lows in the mid 30's.


Kelly said...

Last I checked we'd gotten 1.4" of rain. We're are supposed to get more overnight and in the morning, but it's not raining now.

Kelly said...

Oh....and meant to say how CUTE the baby Weasley picture is!!!

Pam said...

About time, if we do get some colder weather! We had some torrential rains here last night!!

I woke up at 2-somthing and checked the weather channel to see how severe the cell pounding me was!

Love the sweet baby Weezie!!!! What a cutie!! Major Awww factor!