Thursday, November 20, 2008

Cold Weekend Ahead

Wendy weather is continuing to blow leaves off the trees. I'll have to take some updated photos this weekend. The picture above is from a couple or three weeks ago.

Much colder air is filtering into the eastern half of the country. This link to Accuweather shows just how far south this air mass will travel. We will have some pretty cold conditions here with a low tonight expected in the upper 20's. Tomorrow night will see temperatures fall all the way into the low to mid 20's. This should give us a good hard freeze. The extended outlook is calling for a mild Turkey Day with much colder weather the first week in December.


Kelly said...

Brrrr!!! I bought some new longjohns today for my upcoming outdoor activities.

Brrrr, again!!!

Pam said...

OK, things are looking up, weather wise. Brisk day, cold night tonight and high tomorrow in the low 50s.

That's promising.

Mostly 60s next week is disappointing but, hopefully, dipping the next week.

I've started wearing my snowflake earrings ( alternating with the turkey ones this week ) to school. Doing snow dances on the playground.....

I can have my snow dreams...