Tuesday, November 25, 2008

This Winter Might Suck

What the hell does the National Weather Service know anyway. I stand by the Old Farmers Almanac's prediction of a colder winter. Time will tell. Here is the link to the government prediction.
Well, it's time for Thanksgiving. Children are arriving and the turkey is unthawing. We are suppose to have a sunny Thanksgiving day with a slight chance of rain that night and Friday morning. Most of the rain appears to be moving south of us. Colder weather will settle in over the weekend. Let's hope for a decent Christmas shopping season. Spend money and stimulate the economy.
Happy Thanksgiving


Pam said...

Yeah, well I hope the FA is right, not the NWS!! It was 70ish here today. High 60sm low to mid 70s most of the rest of the week. *Sigh*

We're all puny around here, but enjoying a few days off. Turkey ready to pop in the oven Thurs.

I've stimulated the economy about as much as I can stand this year. Bah Humbug!

Actually, part of the weekend will be spent decking the halls as is tradition around here!

I started wearing my snowflake earrings this week. Kind of like a snow dance or rain dance. *Sob*

Pam said...

Oh, Happy Turkey Day!

Sorry about the turkey Weeze!

My furkids don't get any either.

Kelly said...

Yeah, well... I'll just deal with whatever the weather brings.

Hey, Weasley... sorry to tell you, but the pups get to have turkey around here. Mmmmmmm!