Monday, November 3, 2008

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

I'm always looking for that pot of gold.....or this time maybe another election. I voted a week ago and had to stand in line for 1:45. I thought that was long....but most waits have been for more than 2-hours! I'll really be glad to get this election behind us and look forward to 2012.

I usually don't put two pictures on a post, but Fall colors are at their peak between here and Fayetteville. We ran into a surprise downpour near Russellville, hence the rainbow. The sun did come out and as we drove the "Pig Trail" north from Ozark the trees were spectacular. The trees were also at their peak on the campus. All in all a great drive and a great ballgame.


Kelly said...

The leaves are starting to look pretty here, too.

I'm glad I voted the first day of early voting (the 20th). I waited about 30 minutes which wasn't bad.

Pam said...

Love the fall foliage photos. Also Weaze in voting mode! LOL!

I voted 2 weeks ago, second day of early voting. The boys and were in and out in about 45 min. Not bad.

I'm MORE than ready for this endless election to be over and done with!!!

I'm still waiting for Summer to END around here! These 80+ days are getting REALLY OLD!! grrrr