Saturday, July 5, 2008

Another 4th come and gone

We spent most of the 4th re-working a bed on the west side of the house, It wasn't that hot, but boy was it humid. High was only 86, that that was because of a thunderstorm at mid-afternoon. We ended up with just under a half inch of rain.

I can see a big thunderhead a couple of counties north with the early morning sun making it glow like it has an orange light bulb inside. Where us your camera when you need it. Maybe next time.


Pam said...

It was HOT, HOT, HOT here yesterday! Partly cloudy, HUMID and just plain HOT!

Saw some fireworks from the church parking lot across the street.

Just got back from my long morning walk. Already getting hot-82.

I'm in a cleaning out mood this weekend. I can hear the kids groaning as I just THINK this!!

Wish I could have a bit of your rain!

Kelly said...

NWS showed our high as 91 on the 4th. Pleasant temperature, but still very HUMID!

It threatened rain and spit a few drops, but nothing measureable.

I'm not complaining about the summer so far.

Pam said...

Bertha's on the move. Could be Big Bertha before the end of next week.

Wonder if this early hurricane portends trouble for the US this year......