Sunday, July 13, 2008

Weekend Visit

Sunbeam picture from my sister Kelly. Speaking of Kelly....she was here in town Saturday for a friend's birthday party and decided to stay or our house for the evening. It was great to do some catching up.
As for the weather....Very warm and Humid sums it up. We had about a quarter of an inch on Friday. Saturday was Hot until storms moved just north of us and cooled things down a bit. We woke to light rain this morning but only got about .20 of precip. A cool front did manage to move past us and tonight we should drop into the mid 60s. Monday may not get out of the 80's.
Keep an eye on the hurricane page. Another storm may form out in the Atlantic within a couple of days.
I also need help here....I can't seem to make a space between my paragraphs. It still comes out crammed together. What am I doing wrong?


Kelly said...

Go back into edit and try double spacing between your paragraphs.

Glad you used my picture... I love sunbeams!

Drizzled on me part way home, but nothing here. It's cloudy here now, but no rain in the forecast.

Btw...I added exactly 100 songs to my iTunes yesterday!

Pam said...

NICE photo, Sis!!

Yes, I'm jealous of the visit you guys had. Been awhile since the 3 of us were in the same place at the same time! :(


That's about the extent of my weather...

And more heat!