Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Hot Weather Can Make You Thirsty

Not a bad picture for shooting thru a glass door.
Highs in the low 90's and lows in the low 60's. It could be worse. Those dog days of summer are starting to set in. We even have an pollution alert. No sign of rain for the next several days.


Kelly said...

I think that's quite an impressive picture!

Awww....Weasley!! He looks hot!!

Claire said...

i love that picture of weasley!

and great hummingbird picture! New camera must be working out great!

Pam said...

Love the photo! I just added a hummingbird feeder to all the other feeders in the tree off my patio but, so far, no takers.

Maybe I need to move it to another tree...

HOWEVER, since NOW my lace bark elm, my favorite tree, is dying after all the damage it got from the horrific storm earlier in the spring... I'm running out of trees.

Only other choice is the tiny red bud in the backyard or my oak in the front yard. Guess that one is my best option.

I'm bummed about my lace bark. :(