Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Hello Dolly

"Well hello Dolly ..... You're lookin swell Dolly" Yes. Dolly has become a cat one hurricane.

Today was suppose to be another 100 degreer here ... but scattered storms popped up during the afternoon and it stayed in the low 90's in west LR. We even got a little rain (.20) this evening. Maybe another chance tomorrow.


Pam said...

I covet your rain drops. Another triple digit day in my neck of the woods.

Yeah, well, Dolly won't have me "singing in the rain", I'm sad to say.

Actually, the optimistic forecasters are saying 30 percent chance of rain with only a high of 95 for Thurs.

We shall see.....

Kelly said...

I think I heard a few drops last night once I was in bed, but nothing measurable. Lots of thunder rumbling all evening, though.

I don't think we've officially hit 100 yet (unless we did yesterday). I don't even try to get a home reading anymore since they tend to be inaccurate and measure too high. I do know the humidity has seemed "thick" which tends to make any temp seem more oppresive.