Thursday, July 10, 2008

More Rain

It's been a rainy July so far. Is I mentioned in an earlier post we got over 2.00 of rain over the 4th. Yesterday saw about a quarter inch during a midday storm and today we had an early afternoon storm that dumped another quarter inch here. Central Little Rock picked up more than an inch and was under a flash flood warning for awhile. Still have a light rain falling as of this posting. Most important, it means a couple more days without running the sprinkler.

Two of the local channels had news stories this morning on Kilauea erupting with vivid footage of spurting lava and bright orange river of molten rock. I anxiously checked the Kilauea website and didn't find anything out of the ordinary. You might want to keep a watch.

A bit of explanation on today's photo. It's from the same place as the the picture behind the title of this blog. This is by far the best place to snowmobile in the west. You take CO 91 south out of Copper Mountain (on I-70) and climb up to the extreme southwest corner of Summit County. From there you snowmobile (redneck entertainment in the high country) up into Eagle County to an elevation of about 12000 feet ... up above the tree line. Breckenridge is over the mountains in the background. And off to the right and just up the road is the town of Climax on the continental divide. It's just beyond that where you will find the headwaters of the Arkansas River. At a later date I'll show a photo or two from the historic town of Leadville that sits on the Arkansas.


Pam said...

Love the photo!!

I saw the story and photos of the eruptions. Wonderful!

Enough of the rain, already!! You're hoggin' it! SHARE!!!

I have clouds roll in and past spitting a bit of lightening and grumbling thunder as it bypasses me!!! Hear, see but NOT a drop of rain!!!


Claire said...

I'll credit for that photo! ;-)