Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Summer is officially here

As you well know ... I hate summer ... especially when it is very humid. Yesterday and today the heat and the humidity found each other. Today was 94 with the heat index reaching 100. The only good news is there's a chance of rain tomorrow and tomorrow night. We'll see.

I always like to pass along interesting sites from time to time. Today's link is to the USGS earthquake information center. This is the best place to go if the ground shakes. Red indicates a quake in the last hour, blue in the last day, and yellow in the last week.


Pam said...

Looked like (I think) quake activity in Texas!

Quaking here was thunder and lightening...just to tease me. Nary a drop here...just a light show to my east. *Sigh*


Think I'll do a rain dance....

Kelly said...

Unlike you two.... I prefer summer to winter.

The New Madrid fault is overdue for a "big one"!